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Jameson and Paxton — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #687

The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted: Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

In 2012, Gwen Hyde felt challenged in her complacency while reading Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. The book is about an 18-year-old girl who moves to Uganda to care for the orphaned. She adopted 13 children, whole-heartedly trusting God for provision. Katie also established Amazima Ministries which serves vulnerable children and feeds the Karamojong people—Uganda’s poorest citizens. After finishing the book, Gwen suggested adoption to her husband Jeremy, who quickly warmed to the idea.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the thunderstorm capital of the world, home to the Congo Rainforest and etched with glaciated mountains, dense grasslands, and boundless savannas. However, it is also known for government corruption, ravaging war, poverty, and horrific violence against women.

Add to this intense environment the recent hold on exit permits for 350 children already legally adopted by American families. Since September 25, 2013 these parents have waited patiently, fought hopelessness, battled the Congolese legal system, and sent every extra dollar to their children in the DRC.

Hidden amidst the chaos of the DRC, in the urban capital of Kinshasa, were young brothers: Jameson Tshipata and Paxton Mbuyamba.  read more »

MyLinh, Moses, and Mercy — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #77 Copy

The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted: Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

Schell Family 2014 - Family Assist 77 (1)

It’s estimated that 17.8 million “double orphans” exist in the world — children who have lost both their father and mother. Each year only a tiny fraction of children that need families are adopted within their own countries or internationally. In much of the world, major barriers stand between these children and permanent family such as cultural biases against adoption, apathy towards orphans, policies that make adoption difficult or impossible — and the financial cost. A large percentage of these children are “hard to place” because they have special needs, are older, are part of sibling groups, or a combination of these. Placing these children in permanent, safe, loving families should be our goal whenever possible. ABBA Fund helps Christian families called to love these children with resources, relationships and financial assistance. In 2007, Alex and Riann Schell first heard God’s call to adopt. But it wasn’t until March 2008 that they courageously stepped off a plane. Click hear to dive deeper into their incredible story and discover what it was like to be greeted with the words, “You’re arms are going to be tired. MyLinh loves to be held all the time.” read more »

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