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Patterson Family Adoption Fund (Team Patterson)

Patterson TO DOThe final items on the TO DO LIST are being checked off! Flights are set. Bags are being packed.

The Pattersons area headed to China mid-March and will be back with the boys before the end of March … and all the cash needed for travel and final fees is always a difficult burden to navigate.

Please prayerfully consider blessing the Pattersons as they set off on their “God-sized, crazy adventure” to bring their two boys home from China.

Our Adoption Story …

Team PattersonWe’re the Patterson Family — Jonathan, DeAnna, & Jayson — and we’re excited to share the story God is writing in our lives! Our family is woven together through the heart-wrenching & joyous journey of adoption; a journey that started over 10 years ago on our first date. At that time, we were both open to adopting one day, but had no idea what God had in store!

We were newlyweds in 2008 when we met & fell in love with our future son Jayson. Several years passed as we made memories together, celebrated ‘firsts,’ & waited for God’s plan to unfold. In 2010, we began discussing trying to have a biobaby, but could not find peace. In August, God opened the door for us to become Jayson’s parents, and we officially became a family in April of 2012. He’s an amazing kid and we’re so honored to be his parents!

The adoption process showed us a side of our world we never really knew existed. The side where children & their parents—biologic & adoptive—feel unimaginable pain & suffering, existing as byproducts of humanity’s brokenness. We believe our Heavenly Father yearns to heal & restore the shattered world we live in. Through Christ’s death & resurrection, we believe He invited each of us to be adopted into His family (John 3:15-17). He adopted us, bringing wholeness and unconditional love into our lives; & we feel called to demonstrate His love in this way (1 John 4:19).

We talked again about trying for a biobaby but couldn’t find peace. We discussed domestic adoption; no peace. You see, in February 2013, we laid eyes on a little guy who reminded us of Jayson. He was not the first to be brought to us, & though we were honored, we knew our family was not in a position to pursue another adoption. But God has a sense of humor doesn’t He? So, 5 months later, in a 24-hour time period, after not speaking about him at all since first seeing his face, we both received very clear directive that God was calling us to step into this little boy’s life, so that He could bring love & healing to him through our family. Through excitement & fear, we obeyed & began the international adoption process for our sweet 4-year old boy—who happens to live in China.

And then, as if asking us—the domestic adoption folks who’ve never even tried for a biobaby—to travel halfway around the world to a country we’ve never visited to bring home a son we’ve never met wasn’t challenging enough, God asked us to grab hold of His hand, step out on the waters of faith (Matthew 14:29), and bring home another son. From China. For the love. But oh how He works in mighty & mysterious ways! And our 2-year old son is some kind of precious, just like his big brothers!

In Matthew 17, Jesus tells the disciples that if they have faith the size of a mustard seed—which is really, really tiny!—they could move mountains; that nothing would be impossible for them (Matthew 17:20). So on the days of life when our faith is challenged, our relationships are struggling, & the journey seems impossible, we have been comforted by this promise. And we journey on. With hands grasped tightly to our mustard seed of faith that—no, we’re not crazy, & yes, God is going to continue to reveal more of Himself to us in this process—we journey on trusting that His ways are mighty & He will be glorified (Romans 33-36).

The EqualsZero Movement is near & dear to our hearts as we advocate for children in the North Carolina foster care system waiting for families that will love them unconditionally. We believe that all Christians are called by God, through the scriptures, to care for the fatherless and love the orphan (James 1:27). We do not believe every Christian is called to adopt, but that we are all called to do something. In NC, if one family from every one church in the state would adopt one orphan, we would have no kids waiting to be adopted in our system. Seriously. 1+1+1=0…see how that works?!?

We have been constantly humbled by how God has used adoption to demonstrate how He makes beautiful things from ashes (Isaiah 61:3), & we are asking you to prayerfully consider joining our team for the Chosen Charlotte 10 Mile Run! You can help by offering prayer & encouragement, registering to run, coming out to cheer us on, volunteering, or by making a financial contribution to alleviate the financial burden of adopting our sons. We would be honored for you to partner with us in our journey as we press on towards the goal our Heavenly Father has given us (Philippians 3:14)!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for joining with us!  ~Jonathan, DeAnna, Jayson, & our China boys~

Using the online form on this page automatically submits a request to preference your gift to the family profiled on this page as part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

As required by IRS regulations, any tax-deductible donation is made to the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) and not the individual (family) — otherwise it is a non-deductible gift and should be given directly to the family.

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The IRS allows donors to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that the gift support a particular family — and it allows the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) to fully consider that request as long as the donor understands and acknowledges for charitably given tax-deductible gifts that the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of your gift is at the discretion of the charitable organization. By using this online form, or other method described above, you are acknowledging an understanding of those IRS guidelines.

ABBA Fund is grateful for each donation given to the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund, and broad participation in the fund helps ensure that ABBA Fund is able to assist each approved family with the grant and loan funds preferenced to reduce the financial burden of their adoption.

ABBA Fund, a 501(c)(3) ministry, has provided more than $5.4 million in grants and interest-free loans to help 972 orphans become sons and daughters in loving, nurturing homes through assistance to 827 Christian families since 2004 (as of fall 2014) — with more adoptions being assisted every month.

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