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Our Story

ABBA Fund’s story starts with a Christian family’s first adoption and their need for financial assistance in order to complete their adoption. God used the generosity of church family and friends to not only provide their financial needs, but to humble them and open up their hearts to His calling. The result was the founding of ABBA Fund in 2004 with a small amount of funds to provide interest-free loans to Christian families who needed help to adopt. Fast-forward to today and ABBA Fund is stewarding more than $2.5 million in funds for interest-free adoption loans, 80+ church partnerships, dozens of individual families and friends, a network of 600+ Christian adoptive families, and multiple channels of resources and relationships — all focused on providing adoption assistance for Christian families, and ensuring that orphans are being cared for in loving, nurturing Christian family environments.

Eugene and Family 2012

A Note from our Founder

When Carol and I felt God’s clear prompting to start ABBA Fund in 2004 to help other Christian families adopt, we kept it simple. Using the Old Testament models of lending generously and without interest to your brother in need, that’s what we did – and that’s what we still do today. That first year we helped 7 families adopt 8 children by providing interest-free loans that averaged about $5,600 each.  We were pleased, and God was honored. 
Well in 2012 I was humbled to look back over the past nine years at what God has done. For the first time since those earliest loans in 2004, ABBA Fund has provided more than $1 million in adoption assistance in a single year. With last year’s awards of interest-free loans, God has blessed us with helping almost 700 orphans from 24 countries become sons and daughters in more than 500 loving Christian families with more than $4 million in total adoption assistance.  I am in awe. Praise God for His heart for orphan! 
Our prayer continues to be to grow our interest-free adoption loan funds to become self-perpetuating to the point that each month’s repayments from families who received loans provide what’s needed to loan right back out to new families who need assistance. We’re getting there with just over $2 million in loan assets being continually circulated to adoptive Christian families and anywhere from $45,000-$60,000 in repayments coming in each month. 
As you can imagine, managing the fund is not quite as simple as it was in 2004. There are many more phone calls and emails and applications to review. There is a lot of processing of repayments and tracking of new loans. But the core ministry remains simple – provide interest-free financial assistance to help Christian families adopt so orphans can become sons and daughters in loving Christian homes. 
Our heart, whether these children are adopted into a home with a traditional family or not, is to do everything we can to help ensure that orphans are being cared for in loving, nurturing Christian family environments  where they will be introduced to Jesus Christ, so that by trusting in Him they will be adopted into Abba, Father’s family through salvation. (Eph 1:4-8) 
None of this would be possible without the prayers, encouragement and generosity of people just like you. Thank you for standing up for the orphan and for encouraging families called to adopt. And thank you for your ongoing friendship and support of ABBA Fund. To help us manage the ongoing operations of the loans funds and our ministry to adoptive families and orphans in need, we depend on the generosity of friends like you … so I hope you will prayerfully consider supporting our efforts with a generous financial gift
I pray that God blesses you and your family with the deep understanding of what Jesus did for all of us so that we could be adopted as children of God with the privilege to call him “Abba, Father” (Rom 8:15).
For the Fatherless,
Eugene Allison
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.