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Adoption Resources

While this resource spotlight is by no means comprehensive, these are some of the most common referrals from the ABBA Fund community that we share with the families God brings to us. We would also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Christian Alliance for Orphans’ Agency & Ministry list of our peer organizations who share our heart and values for adoption, foster care and orphan care.

God Stirring Your Heart

ABBA Fund prayerfully seeks to assist adoptive families who have obviously been called by God and have spiritually prepared for the adoption journey.

Preliminary Decisions & Initial Steps

ABBA Fund’s prayer is that we won’t even be needed by a family called to adopt. That may sound odd at first, but our prayer is that God is going to provide all the finances you need through your own solid Biblical stewardship and creative options at your disposal to raise funds … so here are some initial steps as you begin your journey.


Ready to get started with fundraising to help reduce the financial burden of adoption, here are some opportunities that we highly recommend:

  • Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund – ABBA Fund’s Family Adoption Funds allow Christian families to receive charitable contributions to help ease the burden of their adoption expenses — including the option to participate in that fund at the very beginning of your journey to help with the costs of getting a home study done or even help with major medical costs after your child is home. Be sure to download and read the application form to understand all the details and restrictions of how that fund works.
  • Fundraising can be so fun and yet for others it’s really scary. ABBA Fund has several families who have taken fundraising to a whole other level.Check out the Chidichimo Fundraising video and their fundraising page.
  • Both Hands Foundation – a beautiful program that allows you to bless a widow while your friends and family get blessed by a missions project that also raises fund for your adoption — their average family fundraiser brought in $12,000+ in 2014
  • Pure Charity – tap into a community catalyst platform to engage your entire network of friends & family, including the ability to direct a percentage of their online commerce activity to assist with your adoption


In addition, be sure to read about our friends at Resources 4 Adoption and Fund Your Adoption … as well as Compelled DesignsScarlet Threads and Noonday Collection.


There are tons of sources out there to help with t-shirt fundraisers, but here is a quick list of some we have found that also have adoption ministry ties — also search each of these on Facebook for a real-time look at some of their most recent work and projects:


OK, but the best resource of ideas is often other adoptive families who have “been there, done that” …

…so be sure to check out the following post from adoptive mom-to-be Ami Brainerd on her Walking by the Way blog — it is hands down, the most comprehensive list of ideas and programs and inspiration that we’ve seen. (Well done, Ami … and thanks for sharing!): The Ultimate List of Adoption Fundraisers.

And also be sure to visit the spectacular list of fundraising ideas provided by our friends at Fund Your Adoption — and explore many of their other wonderful resources which receive high praise from adoptive families.


Reference lists of numerous adoption assistance grant opportunities:

If you have completed your home study, it’s time to begin exploring and applying for adoption assistance grants:


Preparation Beyond Just Funding

ABBA Fund’s heart is helping place orphans in loving, nurturing Christian family environments – as prepared as you think you are, ABBA Fund and our other loan and grant assistance companion ministries look favorably on applicants that demonstrate extra efforts to prepare for the child they are bringing home. While you’ll likely be getting a lot of help from your agency, and for ones committed to helping you prepare there will likely be a number classes you are required to take … we would encourage you to also explore the following:


Matched with a Child & Getting Him or Her Home

When you’re in the final stretch of the journey and everything is coming into focus and a timeline with key target dates is emerging, an obvious area of attention will be any financial gap that is left in order to pay remaining fees and travel required to bring your child home. This is the stage when you should complete ABBA Fund’s application if you still have financial need. The ideal family applying to ABBA Fund will be in need of about 1/3 or less of their final adoption costs … they will have demonstrated great biblical stewardship in their own personal savings, generosity from others, and creative fundraising efforts … and they will have applied for, and hopefully received, grants from a few places.


Additional loan options from non-profit organizations:


TRAVEL: Another organization we’ve seen help lots of adoptive families when it comes to travel is Adoption Airfare ( They provide missionary and humanitarian airfare for families who are adopting internationally and will hold your hand all the way through the adoption travel process with personalized care, prayers, and service.

Home & The Adopted Life

Be sure to explore the many networks and ministries that help provide community for local adoptive and foster families (like Embrace or The Orphan Care Network or the Orphan Care Alliance or Hope at Home or the 447 Summit … or dozens of other similar grassroots communities) — but be sure to also join the Hope for Orphan Network‘s Table Project to hear from experts from around the country and to interact with other adoptive families online.


Post-adoption issues? Focus on the Family​’s I Care About Orphans​ has compiled of list of counselors across the country trained in in Trust-Based Relational Interventions® (TBRI®) by the TCU Institute of Child Development​ … and who have all committed to helping serve adoptive and foster families. Download the PDF list … and feel free to contact them directly if your family is in need of counseling services.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.