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Aaron Michael Garcia Fund

Aaron Michael Garcia’s life was cut short at the age of 22. During the time of grieving and reflecting on family, we established Aaron Michael Jewelry to contribute to non-profit organizations that support the restoration of children. God lead us to express our love for Aaron by helping other children find a loving Christian home. We want other families to be blessed as we were with Aaron Michael.

Aaron was just as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside. He was very charismatic and never knew a stranger.

Growing up he was a superb athlete and honor student. He loved the outdoors and spending time with family.

aarons-pic3However, there were circumstances in his life that began to crumble his family environment and led him down a path resulting in poor choices. A child of divorce at the age of 15, Aaron’s world was turned upside down. What he had been taught his entire life was suddenly ripped away. As it is already hard to be a teenager in this day and age we live in, it’s even harder to be one of divorce. He found his self with no guidance or boundaries. Unfortunately, a gun and the careless act of a friend ended his life earlier than any of us wanted. We don’t want this to happen for the children we hope to help come into “forever families” through adoption. 

So we’ve chosen to use his legacy to help God knit together “forever families” by providing adoption assistance to families called to give hope and a future to a deserving child.


ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

As required by IRS regulations, any tax-deductible donation is made to the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) and not the individual (family) — otherwise it is a non-deductible gift and should be given directly to the family.

Every gift into the Legacy Child Fund is helping reduce the financial burden of adoption for families that have qualified for support from ABBA Fund — including the family listed above in their online Family Adoption Fund profile.

ABBA Fund is grateful for each donation given to the Legacy Child Fund, and broad participation in the fund helps ensure that ABBA Fund is able to assist each approved family with the loan funds to reduce the financial burden of a family’s adoption.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.