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Abigail Marie Volk Fund

On April 13, 2007 in Lexington, Kentucky, a beautiful baby girl was born to Douglas and Rebecca Volk. That day God breathed new life into this world with His gift of love. These young parents along with their families joined in hope and happiness—the kind that only a baby brings.

Unique in her own right—Abby brought more than the love of a child. Abby touched people with her delightful nature and tender young servant’s heart. With her beautiful dimples and pixy smile, she transfixed people; drawing them into Abby’s world where rocks and flowers are treasures and her thumb and her ever present fuzzy blue blankey always made everything all right. She had a great sense of humor and a hearty laugh to go along with it. Often throughout the day Abby would be humming or singing a tune she loved, or had just learned. She also had the ability to focus on tasks and question things until she had a understanding of them. Daddy and Mommy’s little girl was a mixture of one who loved fancy girl things and nail polish, and a tomboy who climbed trees and dug for worms!

Abby was never shy about reminding others that God is our wonderful creator. She confidently shared Jesus, even with strangers. Her excitement and wonder about the simplest things often opened other people’s eyes to a glimpse of Glory.IMG_4402

Our sweet little girl constantly demonstrated the importance of loving one another. Abby improved us with her pure and uncomplicated child-like faith. Often Abby would run and twirl and dance and giggle and raise her arms high above her head- as if to hug the blue sky- and then shout, “I love you, God!”

On November 30, 2011, at age four, Abby was in a tragic car accident. Months later, on what would be her 5th birthday, her daddy wrote: “Today on this beautiful day at around this time my life changed forever. I became a Daddy to a wonderful spirit filled girl who thought that I was Superman. Five years ago I was but a babe myself trying to guide a family on the right path that would bring honor to God. Five years later I can see that we have brought honor to God by raising a wonderful Saint for Christ. She taught us as much as we taught her. I am wondering what heaven is like on your birthday. I miss her and am homesick I can’t wait to be there with her so she can show me what she has been doing. Holding her hand while she shows me heaven taking me to see my King. Saying “Holy, Holy, Holy!!!” together as we get lost in God’s Grace. Learning that this wasn’t for me, but that it was for God to show off his Mercy, Love, Grace, Goodness, and Holiness. Miss you Abby! Talk to you later and can’t wait to play with you in Heaven.”

In this world Abby will always be profoundly missed. However our hope is her pure love reverberates– forever connecting her to others. Abby’s Child Legacy Fund is a special way that can be realized.

Another surprising way involves a story written about Abby that happened just a few days before she went home. It became a book for all to read! “Abby’s Christmas Dress” was published by Crossbooks, a division of LifeWay Publishing. ABBA Fund / Child Legacy is given recognition in the front of the book and all proceeds go to the Child Legacy Fund. This is “God’s Project” and He already has used Abby’s story to touch others. Included below is the cover and it is available online.

Abby was given the gift of two wonderful parents who love her with all their hearts. It is such a treasure to be a small part of helping give that gift to other children and parents.

We love you Abigail!
Book cover


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