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Amelia and Josiah — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #720

The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted: Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

Aaron and Annie Winter – high-school sweethearts who fell in love and married – always dreamed of starting a family. After several years of trying, the couple felt a peace about foregoing advanced fertility options to pursue the urging they felt from God to adopt. Annie had been open to that possibility even before she’d met Aaron. His heart was moved in that direction during their first years of marriage as he began to pray about growing their family. As they took their first steps together in a demanding process, God met them in abundant faithfulness with a spirited, wide-eyed girl named Amelia. Although ABBA Fund was not involved in the Winter’s first adoption, their story begins with the little newborn from Greenville, NC.

But their adoption journey doesn’t stop there — and it includes the heartbreak of birth parents changing their minds … as well as the blessings of a son, Josiah.

Amelia was born on October 14, 2011 to a single mother, who because of difficult circumstances did not have a reliable income. Her birthmother desperately wanted Amelia to attend college, visit Disney World, and enjoy life to the fullest – things she felt she could not provide. After a year of waiting, paperwork, and prayer, the Winters held baby Amelia in their arms when she was just 24-hours-old. For three weeks they had to remain in North Carolina before returning to Minnesota; as a family they visited the sun-golden beaches of the Outer Banks and introduced Amelia to the great wide Atlantic. As much as Aaron and Annie desired to share the joyful experience with friends and family, Annie remarked that it was a unique bonding time for them.

Now Amelia is a fearless, adventurous almost 3-year-old with a love for the outdoors and numerous books. She cares for her dolls, and adores her younger brother. The Winters have an open adoption, graciously sending letters and pictures of her to the birthmother – who visited twice and is overjoyed that Amelia is thriving.

In 2012, the Winters again heard God’s whisper to adopt. They contacted ABBA Fund for additional financial assistance, especially since they were now raising a toddler. Soon, they received a call about a baby boy being placed up for adoption. After driving through the night, the agency called to inform them that the birthmother had chosen to parent. Heartbroken, they returned home. In the midst of their devastation, yet another call came from the adoption agency. Weeks later, the birthmother again chose to parent her son. The Winters started to wonder if they would ever meet their next child … but continued to trust God.

Josiah was born December 29, 2013 in Raleigh, NC, to a teenage mother who also felt she could not provide everything necessary for the newborn. The Winters could barely muster excitement when they received a third call after already enduring so much discouragement. However, after a two-day cross country drive, the pain of previous months melted as Josiah was placed in their arms on December 31st. In those first moments, seeing the baby boy reminded them of God’s enduring faithfulness. Happily, the family of four celebrated New Year’s Eve together with their new addition.

Now Josiah is an 8-month-old exploring every corner of the house. As an energetic toddler, he enjoys bouncing balls and swimming. His easy-going, smiley nature has won the Winters’ hearts and continues to remind them of God’s fulfilled promise.

Join us in celebrating 10 years of serving 780 families, and striving to assist 220 more by the end of the year. 972 orphans from 34 countries are now sons and daughters in 780 loving, nurturing Christ-centered families thanks to $5.4 million in assistance they received through ABBA Fund. Please support our work as we surpass assisting 1,000 families on our 10th anniversary year.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.