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Anastasia — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #519

Brooks Photo Enews stickerThe Count to 1,000 Families Assisted:  Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

Mark and Stephanie Brooks answered the call to adopt in 2011, a redemptive portrait of how God changes all things for good. For Anastasia, a premature birth meant fighting for life at 1 ½ pounds, wrestling with hypoxia on a ventilator in Lodz, Poland. Her birth mother, unable to care for her, left her at an infant orphanage. When she was just two she was transferred to Jasksotle, a Catholic-run orphanage in Wroclaw. Two years later, Anna would meet Mark and Stephanie, her new parents.

Poland is rich in cultural influence spanning from Bohemian to Prussian to Austrian with stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture. However, the country has an estimated 80,000 orphans, of which 90% are social orphans, meaning they have been removed from their parental home because of poverty, unemployment, neglect, abuse, or loss of parental rights. Poverty is one of the main reasons why people place their children for adoption in Poland.   The Brooks discovered their little Anna through Rainbow Kids and began to pray diligently about this precious little girl with special needs.

Moving forward in that unexplainable peace and confidence that God often gives adoptive parents that she was their daughter and destined to be a part of their family, Mark and Stephanie traveled to live in Poland for six weeks to complete the adoption. Brooks2For the Brooks, that was the most expensive part of the adoption, and ABBA Fund was blessed to assist them with those finances. Shiloh and Shelby, their two older children, gladly joined in on the European adventure.   For the first three weeks they stayed in Czestochowa, a southern city on the Warta River, and then later in majestic Warsaw, bonding with Anastasia as God further knitted her heart to theirs.

During that period they visited the historic city of Krakow, and Stephanie shared that watching Anna happily dance and hum to Polish-folk music is forever marked in her memory.

They also had the opportunity to learn more about the struggles of the Polish people during World War II, to the excitement of their son Shiloh who is a World War II re-enactor.   At the end of August 2012 they brought Anastasia home to North Carolina where family and friends whom had prayerfully been a part of the journey greeted them. Today Anna is a vibrant young girl who loves to run, splash through water, and sing along to all kinds of music. Her therapists love her, and as she has mild cerebral palsy is making great strides in music therapy. For the Brooks family, Anna has joyfully and irrevocably become a part of their family, and ABBA Fund is honored to be part of their journey.

Join us in celebrating 10 years of serving 750 families, and striving to assist 250 more by the end of the year. 942 orphans from 34 countries are now sons and daughters in 750 loving, nurturing Christ-centered families thanks to $5.2 million in assistance they received through ABBA Fund. Please support our work as we surpass assisting 1,000 families on our 10th anniversary year.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.