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Ayala Family Adoption

We can save the world! A child’s world.

We are far along in the process of adopting a kiddo from China! A process that takes 15+ months, mountains of paperwork and background checks, and up to $25,000+ in fees. We’ve been in it for 11 months, just completed Dossier and translation, and are a few weeks away from obtaining our LID! We have already paid roughly $15,000 out-of-pocket! Most of that came from refinancing our home. I humbly ask for your help with a donation of any size, so our whole family can go to China, and bring that kid home!

My wife homeschools our children, and has been tutoring other kids to make extra money. I currently work full-time providing tech support for a local web hosting company, and have been taking on side jobs, like delivering bounce house rentals and driving Rideshare, to help raise money. The additional time away from my family is challenging, but we know it’s temporary for now and will be worth it. Your donations can help minimize the extra hours I’m working each week.

Imagine a child having no mother and no father. No one to tell them that they are a child of God, or that they are loved and that they matter. Adopting is no easy journey. We’ll be taking this child’s burden and making it ours. Nonetheless, we’ll unconditionally give this child a loving home, with parents and siblings; grandparents, tons of extended family… and a dog! Plus access to good education and all the possibilities the great USA offers. And we’ll make sure this child knows they are loved by God. We highly encourage all families to adopt. And for those who have other callings, please consider donating to a family in need. No matter the size of your donation, take pride in playing a part of rescuing a child from a life of uncertainty.

We are Albert & Gina Ayala, married for 18 years and have two daughters of our own, Andi (10) and Andrea (8), and we feel blessed to call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We believe this adoption is part of God’s plan for our family, and through Him, we know we’ll have the strength to see it through. We were turned on to adoption by an amazing family friend that has adopted–not one–but two children from China. This exposure sparked a calling! Our family has already been volunteering at our church’s Sunday school for the past four years; furthermore, we’ve been hosting international high school students in our home for five years and counting.

As of June 2019, we are now in the Child Matching phase! The process to be matched could take anywhere from three to twelve months, or more. The ABBA Fund has been so gracious and accommodating in giving us this platform to bring awareness to our adoption. Your donation is immensely appreciated!

To DONATE BY MAIL, please make out the check to ABBA Fund (do not write the family name on the physical check, which will invalidate the charitable aspect of your gift … instead either print out this page to send with it or include a separate note to request that we preference your gift toward the family profiled on this page) — then mail your check and preference request to:

ABBA Fund, PO BOX 868049, Plano, TX 75086-8049

Using the online form on this page automatically submits a request to preference your gift to the family profiled on this page as part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

The IRS allows donors to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that the gift support a particular family — and it allows the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) to fully consider that request as long as the donor understands and acknowledges for charitably given tax-deductible gifts that the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of your gift is at the discretion of the charitable organization. By using this online form, or other method described above, you are acknowledging an understanding of those IRS guidelines.

2 Responses to “Ayala Family Adoption”

  1. Ruby Philipose says:

    So happy to support God’s call for your life. I will be praying for you all that everything will work out smoothly till you receive your child. I am a huge fan of Andy from Awana because she was one of my fun and sweet students. This Is such a great story of reaching God’s love to others. All the best to you!

    Jason Ruby Jaya and Gabe Philipose

    • Albert Ayala says:

      Ruby, we are overwhelmed with joy and appreciation of your gift. It was very unexpected and we can’t thank you enough for the contribution. Thank you for your kind words and encouraging sentiment. Please tell Jason, Jaya and Gabe how thankful we are. We’re very lucky to know you.

      -Albert, Gina, Andi and Andrea

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