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Carnahan Family Adoption

This adoption will be our second adoption and the two are similar and yet different. Our first adoption was one of planning, longing, waiting, changing hearts and plans, more waiting and finally experiencing it. Originally our plan with the first adoption was to adopt from Ethiopia. To be honest, we wanted to adopt internationally because those are typically closed adoptions and the thought of “competing” with birth parents in the heart and mind of our adopted child was something we wanted to avoid.

Over the course of the paper-chase process, we were in and around the world of adoption and began to see wonderful stories of adoptive parents having real, personal relationships with their children’s birthparents. We saw an opportunity to share the gospel with people who may not have heard about God’s grace and mercy and his wonderful gospel plan. In essence, we decided we wanted to pursue a domestic adoption and one in which would be in the “open” category.

We had saved and planned financially for this adoption for several years and the biggest trial was being patient and trusting that God would be faithful to bless us with a child. I could be as prepared as anyone can be, but only God could make this adoption happen. Eventually, he did just that. We were matched with a birthmother in Florida and in a surprise, our son Oscar was born 7 weeks premature on March 2, 2012. After spending a month in Florida with him in the hospital, we brought home a healthy, energetic baby boy.

Over the course of his first 19 months, we shared pictures and letters with our birth mother through our agency. On October 1, 2013 we received a phone call out of the blue from our adoption agency in Florida. I was at home, too sick to go to work and trying to rest despite the massive amount of noise coming from our kitchen. You see, on September 19, 2013 we started a major home remodel of our kitchen, a much needed project for our home and family. Tiffany came near me as she hung up the phone. She looked at me and explained that Oscar’s birthmother was pregnant again, came into the agency and wanted to place the baby for adoption and that she wanted our family to be called first.

My first thought was “How do we make this happen?” Not “Do we make this happen?” nor “Should we make this happen?” I knew the instant I heard her say it, this was our child. We knew that we wanted to adopt again in the future, but wow the timing, how was this going to work financially? It was an unfamiliar position. We’d always been good with our finances. We plan out things in advance, stick to the plan and never extend ourselves beyond “comfortable.” This was uncomfortable. But God knew my heart. He knew my reliance on comfort and financial stability over Him. But he also knew of my love for this unborn child. God, in a way that only He can do, had just plucked an earthly crutch out from under me to force me to lean on Him and not on myself, our financial stability. What a blessing!

My son, Oscar, is going to have a biological sibling to grow up with. When hard times of wondering who he is come about, he’ll have someone to share that experience with. But moreso, what a blessing that God has taught Oscar’s earthly father firsthand a lesson that he’ll pass on to his children. That lesson is that God is sovereign over all and that He and He alone is to be relied on. Nothing else can save. Nothing else can bring real and eternal happiness. Nothing else is worthy of our praise and trust. It’s a lesson that I knew intellectually, but now I believe and act upon.

Thank you for being a big part of our adoption story.

Jordan & Tiffany Titus, Elsa, Oscar and Baby Boy

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