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Hannah — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #555

Bierly Family 555The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted:  Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

Ben and Rachel Bierly married in 1999 with the desire for a big family. Daniel, their first child, was born relatively easily—no pregnancy is without physical toll and cause for great perseverance. However, their second son, Joshua, entered the world after a very difficult pregnancy. The Bierlys would have two more sons, Noah and Asher, and the strain on Rachel only worsened. Where there is immense pain, God pours out greater compassion. For the Bierlys, that meant preparing their hearts to adopt a little girl.

On Christmas Eve in 2010, Ben and Rachel were qualified for adoption. But it would be two years later on October 12, 2012 before Hannah was born. Immediately she was placed in the foster-care system. This biracial tiny miracle passed from hospital to foster home, and even as an infant felt the void of unconditional parental love. Six other couples declined to adopt Hannah, possibly because of her heart murmur. When the Bierlys heard about her, they knew deep in their hearts God intended for her to be their daughter. But there was a limited window of time–they had to adopt immediately. The Bierlys’ sons collected soda cans for extra money. Ben and Rachel contacted ABBA Fund, asking for double the amount that is usually given. ABBA Fund agreed.

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