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Davis Family Adoption

We are Todd and Carissa Davis, and God has graciously blessed us with three children: Brode (6), Raef (3), and Genevieve (1). We’re very grateful for the family God has given us and for the ministry he has allowed us to be part of at Redeemer Bible Church in Brighton, CO (a suburb of Denver).

Why Adoption
There are nearly 150 million orphans in the world, many of whom do not have a family of their own to care for them. We believe that Christians should be especially moved by this need. The Bible frequently speaks of God’s care for the fatherless, and He commands His people to care for them too. James 1:27 is a well known expression of this responsibility: “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction.” God has put this need on our hearts. We also want to add to our family. The children God has already given to us have been a gracious blessing, and we believe an adopted child will be a special blessing too. Another important reason to us for adoption is that we are God’s adopted children! The Bible teaches that all people are born apart from a relationship with God because of sin; but in God’s awesome love, He has adopted us as His children through the saving work of His own Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8, Galatians 4, and Ephesians 2). This is an incredible spiritual truth, and one that we want to appreciate more ourselves and share with others through our family.

Why Uganda
According to UNICEF statistics, Uganda had 2.7 million orphans in 2009, most of whom have been orphaned due to disease (particularly AIDS) or poverty. Uganda has suffered through a hard recent history as a result of wars and dictatorships. Thankfully, Uganda has experienced some recovery from these problems in recent years, but significant problems of war, disease, poverty, and corruption persist leading to the large number of Ugandan orphans. Many of these orphans do not have families that are either available to or capable of caring for them. Alongside the need in Uganda, God has specifically directed us to this country. We have talked about both foreign and domestic adoption but initially leaned a little more toward adopting from the United States. In the months leading up to our decision to begin the adoption process though, this started to shift, especially when Todd’s brother Lee and Lee’s wife, Whitney, were led to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Our attention was directed to Uganda specifically through our adoption agency. We have studied Uganda a lot since then, and from what we’ve learned we have developed a growing love and concern for this beautiful country, its people, and, especially, its orphans. There is a definite need for adoption in our own country and in countries all across the globe, but God has specifically put Uganda on our hearts, and we’re glad that he has.

You probably know that an adoption costs a lot of money, but we’re convinced it’s worth every penny. We’re working to set aside as much money for the costs as we can, and we’re trusting God to provide for the demands that are beyond our ability to save. We definitely can use the help of others, and if you would like to be part of God’s way of providing for these needs so that we can bring this child home, we would be truly thankful.


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