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Destra Family Adoption

We are married and have lived together for 29 years and raised four birth children. All are almost ready to leave the house, they are married and go to college. That means we didn’t have any plans to adopt a child.
The idea to adopt came in our mind in 2011 when we visited Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and left million homeless. A lot of families were in the street and still in the street with their children and don t know what to do. The government and international help aren’t enough, it was painful to see the families’ situation. The country was already in bad shape, because Haiti is place 145th of 169th in human development index of the United Nation, and the poorest country in our hemisphere with 70 percent of the population under the poverty line.
Now, after our visit we said how we can help, even we distributed some money during the visit but we want to do something direct. We saw a family with three children in a bad situation we plan to adopt the youngest who is a boy. We had a lot of things to put together before we start, and last year we contact European Adoption Consultants, Inc. who gave us all advice necessary. However, our home study done and our I- 800A is in USCIS. We plan to travel in July. To start, we borrow money from our 401K and some stuff already done. Now, we need money for travel, plane ticket, hotel, Haitian lawyer, embassy and second part embassy fee. We estimate that the funds we still need to meet our remaining adoption expenses to be $17,000. We expect that some organization like you who have a heart to help can help us in this difficult process.

Using the online form on this page automatically submits a request to preference your gift to the family profiled on this page as part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

The IRS allows donors to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that the gift support a particular family — and it allows the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) to fully consider that request as long as the donor understands and acknowledges for charitably given tax-deductible gifts that the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of your gift is at the discretion of the charitable organization. By using this online form, or other method described above, you are acknowledging an understanding of those IRS guidelines.

As required by IRS regulations, any tax-deductible donation is made to the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) and not the individual (family) — otherwise it is a non-deductible gift and should be given directly to the family. Every gift into the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund is helping reduce the financial burden of adoption for families that have qualified for adoption assistance from ABBA Fund.

ABBA Fund is grateful for each donation given to the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund, and broad participation in the fund helps ensure that ABBA Fund is able to assist each approved family with the grant and loan funds preferenced to reduce the financial burden of their adoption. ABBA Fund, a 501(c)(3) ministry, has provided more than $5.7 million in grants and interest-free loans to help 979 orphans become sons and daughters in 854 Christian families since 2004 (as of early 2015) — with more adoptions being assisted every month.

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  1. Gherdith Destra says:

    I pray that God Bless Mom and Dad in their endeavor to help in Haiti

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