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DK Collins Family Fund

Hi, we’re the Collins family. When we married in August of 1997 adoption was not part of our future plans. Through the years, seeking God’s plan for us, we have found out that God’s plan for our lives is different than what we thought it would be, especially at this stage of our lives.

We have 2 biological children (ages 17 and 14). About 5 years ago, our son & daughter began asking for another sibling. We could not have any more biological children, and our son & daughter began talking about us adopting. Knowing now, that God was prompting us (through our children) to look into adoption, and seeing friends and family adopt over the past few years, we began praying about adoption. The church, which we have attended for 8 years, has also been an encouragement for adoptive families. There are many blended families at our church. Seeing this, and our friends & family adopt, has helped us see the picture of the family of God as welcoming people in, and loving them regardless of race, age, or even heritage.

There really has not been a big “A-ha” moment for us. Our pastor has talked about what the scriptures say about adoption and how it is an awesome picture of what Christ has done for us. As we have prayed, and searched the Bible, and talked to several families that we know who have adopted, it became so simple and clear to us, that we should take this step of faith. We are currently seeking to adopt 1 child, or maybe 2 siblings, from Colombia. We know it’s a long, tough journey, but we have a great support system, and we are looking forward to loving another child/children, and teaching about how much God loves them! Isaiah 49:16- See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…

We have done two fundraisers so far, but are still in need of help to cover the cost of the home study fee, and initial fees. Our adoption agency encouraged us to check with ABBA Fund. We thank you for taking the time to read about our story, and we humbly ask for you to prayerfully consider standing beside us through prayer and financial support.

Malachi 3:10- “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.”

To DONATE BY MAIL, please make out the check to ABBA Fund (do not write the family name on the physical check, which will invalidate the charitable aspect of your gift … instead either print out this page to send with it or include a separate note to request that we preference your gift toward the family profiled on this page) — then mail your check and preference request to:

ABBA Fund, PO BOX 868049, Plano, TX 75086-8049

Using the online form on this page automatically submits a request to preference your gift to the family profiled on this page as part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

The IRS allows donors to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that the gift support a particular family — and it allows the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) to fully consider that request as long as the donor understands and acknowledges for charitably given tax-deductible gifts that the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of your gift is at the discretion of the charitable organization. By using this online form, or other method described above, you are acknowledging an understanding of those IRS guidelines.

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