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Espinosa Family Adoption

A couple years ago the Lord did something that I find difficult at times to express in words. God began giving me a love for another child, a love so pure and one that would cross North American borders. I found myself feeling guilty one Thanksgiving morning as I thought of the lavish meal we would all be sharing and thinking of the many children alone and hungry. I couldn’t stop crying that morning and began asking the Lord what He was asking of us? My husband Joseph didn’t understand where I was coming from that morning. I did mention it to him again at a later date and he thought I was pretty nuts asking him when we already have 5 beautiful children and a busy, Blessed life!

I continued for months quietly praying my heart to the Lord for this to be a unified decision for both Joseph and I. In August of 2011 we had the opportunity to go on our very first International mission’s trip to Nicaragua. We had the opportunity to visit The House of Hope where over 400 women and children who had been in prostitution came to learn new trades to care for their families. Some of these women had been forced by their fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, and even government officials into prostitution as young as 5 years old. Joseph stood in front of these women and repented on behalf of all the Latin men who had taken advantage of them and asked for their forgiveness. As he did this 3 little girls in the front row began to quietly cry.

Their eyes fixed on Joseph. He looked down at them, and right at that moment his heart broke. God did the impossible and we came home and he looked me straight in eyes and said, “I am 100% on board with what the Lord is asking us to do.” God is Faithful! He took us all the way to another country to weave our hearts together as He prepared us for this journey. We then began praying together in Unity for direction as to where our son was. God clearly said Uganda and so our journey began.
We are now anxiously waiting our court date in Uganda in bringing our son home. We thank each one of you for reading our story and for those of you who have so graciously given to accomplish His purpose in Speaking Up for those who have no voice and Standing Up for the poor and destitute!
Be Blessed and Empowered,
Joseph and Wendy Espinosa

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