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Eugene Allison – Founder & Chairman

Eugene is a commercial real estate attorney with the law firm of Cranford, Buckley, Schultze, Tomchin, Allen & Buie, P. A. in Charlotte, North Carolina. Eugene and his wife, Carol, adopted two children from Russia in 2001 and experienced first-hand the “cash flow crunch” posed by adoption expenses. Although there is a generous tax credit available to adoptive parents, the expenses have to be incurred first and the tax credit comes much later. Eugene and Carol had enough money to start, but not to finish the process. Through significant financial gifts from friends, Eugene and Carol were able to complete the adoption.

God soon placed a burden on their hearts to start a ministry that would help other Christian families get through the cash flow crunch on the way to growing their family through adoption. The creation of ABBA Fund is the fulfillment of that dream. Eugene and Carol adopted two more children from Russia in 2005. They home educate their children.