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Burt Family Adoption

Emmanuel and I have been married and will celebrate our third year of marriage this summer. We both are seeking to fulfill our dream of having a healthy and loving family together. We have been trying to conceive on our own and have not achieved a healthy pregnancy. We have so much love to give and we have been prayerful and patient in our pursuit of a family. We are still determined, so we started our adoption journey in January after much consideration. Our home study was approved and we signed with an agency at the beginning of March and within three weeks we were chosen by an expecting birthmom. We have accepted the match and are prayerful that we will bring our son home in early May. We know that God is in complete control of this process as we could not have asked for a more perfect match. We are all excited and optimistic about the opportunity to bring home a health baby boy. When we met the birth parents we discovered how much we had in common as it relates to our religious beliefs, athletics, backgrounds and interests.

We are passionate about our desire to share our love with our children. It’s inspirational to us to read stories in the bible that show how adoption affected a baby’s life, the story of the birth and adoption of Moses demonstrates this. That’s very inspiring to see that a baby was taken in and he grew up to achieve great things. Emmanuel’s family has a history of adoption and are fully aware of the process and joys of adopting a child. He has adopted nieces and nephews and his family has fostered multiple children. The experiences of raising adopted/foster children has always inspired him to one day give a child a chance at abundant life.

Emmanuel and I ask that you prayerfully consider joining our family through prayer and encouragement and by making a generous contribution to alleviate the financial burden of adopting and providing our soon to be newborn son a chance at life with a loving family that intends to raise him up a strong man of God and faith.

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