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Forbis Family

For as long as either one of us can remember, we have had hearts for children and adoption. As we have prayed about how the Lord would grow our family, we have waited with eager anticipation for the day that God said – NOW! Now is the time to adopt! Romans 8:14-16 tell us that those who have been led by the Holy Spirit have been adopted as children of God. We enter into a relationship in which He calls us His children, and we call Him our Father.

There is something so powerful with this truth that we were destined to be without our true
and perfect Father. Through Jesus Christ, we now have our Father. We feel that there is no greater picture of the gospel than adoption. Knowing that we get to be part of something so incredible is a truly overwhelming blessing. Just as we have been welcomed into God’s family, we will get to welcome someone into our family, forever!

God has said NOW for us, and we have begun moving forward in the adoption process! The Chosen Marathon is a wonderful opportunity for us to allow our friends and family to join our team and be part of this incredible journey. Joining our team is a wonderful way to show support and encouragement spiritually, financially and emotionally as we walk out the calling the Lord has placed on our hearts.

We will be running/walking the race and are asking friends and family to be part of our team. You can join us in the race, come cheer us on, or even if you are unable to physically be there you can join the team by becoming a sleep walker (meaning you are with us in spirit)!

We have chosen to domestic adoption. While we were dating, and Alisha was in Guatemala, the Lord spoke to both of us on the same day about the needs of the children in the USA. Since that time, we have both felt very burdened for the children here that do not have forever homes.

We ask that you would prayerfully consider joining our team through prayer, encouragement, registering to run (you can also be a sleepwalker – who doesn’t run but is part of the team in spirit), or by making a generous contribution to help alleviate the financial burden of adopting our child.

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