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GB Odom Fund

The GB Odom Fund

GB Odom (1942-2003) was a great man, a loving husband, father and grandfather.  He was a man who worked hard providing for his family, always fixing something for someone, in the family or in the neighborhood.  My father was a man of few words, but the love and legacy he left behind speaks volumes.My father was a man who always had a smile.  He laughed and made others laugh.  He loved playing with his grandchildren, making them laugh, sharing things with them he loved.

My father passed away in March of 2003 after a valiant battle with cancer.  We know we will see him again one day, but his death has left  a place in our hearts that is empty. We know there are couples out there that have an empty place in their hearts longing to be filled. That there are children who need homes and a loving family, that have an empty place in their hearts as well.  Our hope is that through this fund hearts will be joined and filled with love, laughter, and joy, filling an empty place we are all too familiar with.

Dad would have wanted to help put smiles on faces and love in hearts!

This legacy fund was established by Mike, Michelle, Zach, and Alyssa Odom in memory of their father and grandfather.




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