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George Caupp Fund

The George Caupp Fund

George W. Caupp was the kind of man that any man of character aspires to be.  He was a loving husband, a devoted father, and a proud grandfather.  George was a quiet man, but when he spoke it was clear that he was wise, practical, and compassionate.

George was a man of his word, and his family, friends and colleagues always knew that they could count on his integrity and loyalty.  Although a man of many positive character qualities, George’s family and faith were at the core of his values.  Professionally, George was a model employee and manager, but he viewed his job as a means to provide for his family.

George could often be found gardening and working in his five-acre yard, often using this time to teach his children and grandchildren both about the soil and about life, and then giving away much of the produce and fruit which were grown.  George yielded his life to Christ later in his adult life, and his faith in God reshaped his motivations.  He began to spend time in the Word of God and he became a spiritual mentor for his family.  When George’s daughter and son-in law began pursing adoption, George committed his support – spiritual, emotional and financial – to the process.

Ultimately, two of George’s six grandchildren joined the family via adoption and he was equally proud of all six.  George’s life has had a lasting impact on his family and friends, and we hope that his memory will continue to touch the lives of many others through the George W. Caupp Legacy Child memorial fund.

Contributions by:
Julie Caupp Franklin and Kevin Franklin
Robert and Lois Franklin


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