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Gros Family Adoption

Welcoming our little ONE home through the gift of adoption…… If you don’t know us, our names are Rob and Michelle Gros. The very short version of our life is that we love Jesus, each other, our two beautiful girls (Novalee who is 6 and Genevieve who is 2), our family and friends and our Healing Place Church family!

Through the journey to grow our family, God has birthed a desire in our hearts for foster care and adoption. We feel called to pursue both as well as to create an awareness of the numerous opportunities to help the orphaned. Our hearts break to think of the millions of children who desperately need and desire someone to call Mommy and Daddy, and even more so, someone to raise them in a Christian home and to show them and share with them the love of Jesus. This past October of 2013 we felt God nudging (and by nudging we pretty much mean pushing) us to take a step of faith and pursue a domestic adoption. A decision like this comes with many questions from others. Questions you might be asking like, “Why would you fundraise to adopt?” or “Why are you adopting?” or “What type of adoption are you pursuing?” We wanted to take a moment to share our heart with you, give you the reasons why we are adopting and then show you how you can be a part of this journey with us.


1) God’s Call Isaiah 1:17 tells us to “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.” We are all called to care and help the orphaned. God created the family as the ideal environment for every child, and the best outcome for a child is to know the love of a permanent family. Statistics tell us that there are over 153 million orphans, but this number doesn’t even include those living on the streets, sold into human-trafficking or living in orphanages. We believe that the orphan and fatherless includes more than just a child who has lost one or both parents, but also one who faces the world without the provision, protection and nurture that parents uniquely provide. No statistical analysis will ever perfectly capture the global number of children fitting this description. Therefore, as God Himself initiated the concept of adoption through embracing us into His family, He also calls His people to reflect His heart and character in choosing to “defend the cause of the fatherless,” “to visit the orphan and widow in their distress,” and to “set the lonely in families.”  We feel called to adopt a child into our family and couldn’t be more excited.

2) God’s Commission We read in Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus’ last recorded words; “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” To act on God’s call to care for orphans is not merely a matter of duty or even reaction to need, it is a first response to the Gospel. To share the love of a Heavenly Father who sought us, adopted us and invited us to be His sons and daughters. The reality is that there are thousands of people actively pursuing adoption and there will continue to be, but our heart is to create an awareness among Christians specifically. This is our opportunity to step up and provide these children with a forever family that will share and show the love of Christ with them. We feel a commission on our lives to share the Gospel with a child through adoption.

3) God’s Plan We know from Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan and purpose for every child. One thing we love about domestic adoption is that it provides women with the option of adoption instead of an abortion. An estimated 43% of all women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old. 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient). There are more than 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year and almost half of those are unintended. Of those, approximately 4 in 10 end in abortion, which is around 3,733 daily. Therefore, the estimated results of unintended pregnancies in the US annually shows that 1.4 million women chose to keep the child, 1.2 million chose abortion and 14,000 chose adoption. Studies show that 84% of women who have had an abortion say that they would have kept their babies under different circumstances. Only 1/3 of women with an unplanned pregnancy even consider adoption over abortion, but the more people that stand up and speak out that there is a better option for their child, the better our chances are to decrease the high statistics of abortion. We believe that as Christians, one of the best ways to advocate pro-life is to be pro-adoption. Expectant mothers that choose adoption are not “giving up their babies” but instead they are choosing hope and life for them. We feel it is God’s plan for our life to be a solution for an expectant mom who makes the choice to give life to this child that we will one day have the honor to adopt.

4) God’s Call, Commission and Plan for Us Not only do we know God has called, commissioned and planned for us to adopt, we are also so ridiculously in love with a child somewhere out there that we know God has ordained to be ours. In August of 2006 we went on a mission trip to Africa. It was on a mountainside outside of a small home made of twigs where a desperate mother begged us to take her child home as our own. She had so much love for her child that she was willing to give him to us to care for him. It was in that moment that God began to plant a seed in our hearts for adoption. From there we faced many trials to grow our family, from illnesses, to treatments, to infertility and even the loss of a child in pregnancy. Trial after trial God has redeemed it all in a beautiful way by giving us such a deep love for a child that we have never seen; a love that is completely unexplainable and a love that we are so ready to give. This past October God made it crystal clear to us that our first adoption would include a pursuit of an infant boy through domestic adoption. This means that our little one will be born somewhere in the United States.


We would like to invite you to be a part of welcoming our little one home through the gift of adoption. Statistics show that over 50% of married couples at one point are open to adoption but that only 1% pursue it because of fears of the unknown, and specifically not knowing how they could ever afford it. And let’s be honest, there are a ton of unknowns and it is seemingly expensive with the average upfront cost ranging from $25,000-$40,000. Now we are by no means applauding ourselves for choosing to take this step, but we feel very passionate about changing this statistic. We want to show others that with God, all things are possible and how an ordinary family can pursue this dream. And quite frankly, we desire to live out God’s Word to put the lonely in families and care for the orphans of this world. We would love for you to take these steps with us to bring our little ONE home. We are asking you to consider making a financial investment into our adoption that will have an eternal return. You can help a child find not only a home, but the family they were meant to be with and an opportunity to grow up knowing the love of Christ. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture report released in August of 2013, it will cost an estimated $241,080 for a middle-income couple to raise a child born in 2013 for 18 years. Raising a child takes a lot more than money though, it takes everything. We are willing and ready to give everything to this child. We are committed to love him unconditionally, provide a good education for him, care for him, grow him to be a man of God, lead him to Christ and be his family forever but we are in need of the upfront adoption costs to make this dream and calling a reality. We have the on-going ability to raise this child, and while we have, by God’s grace, raised $20,000 of the cost, we still need $15,000 to get our little one home.


Yes this is a huge ask and investment, but the return is someone’s life, someone’s eternity. We have created a 500 piece “Welcome Home our Little One” puzzle to hang above his crib with the names of those who give written on the back of each puzzle piece. Once this puzzle is complete, it will forever be a reminder of all those who invested into his life. Each puzzle piece represents $30 given towards our upfront adoption costs. If 500 people give $30 or 250 people give $60 or 10 people give $1,500, we would have the $15,000 we need to give a lifetime of love to a child. Would you prayerfully consider being a piece of the puzzle that helps bring our little one home?


We have been approved for this Family Adoption fund that allows all charitable donations to be tax deductible. You can click on “Donate Now” on the right side of this web page. For more information about us, you may go to Or, you can email us at Perhaps you are not able to give at this time. We want you to know that is okay, too. God is our source and we know He will be faithful to provide as we are faithful to trust.


Thank you in advance for considering joining our one adopt journey and helping bring a child home he was meant to be with. We truly believe he will forever be thankful for your help in welcoming him into his forever family. A commitment we make to each of you is to love this child completely as our own and share and show the love of Jesus with him each and everyday; and, to make sure he gets more than enough hugs and kisses. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story and we hope you will join in!

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