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Hansen Family Adoption

Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

Eighteen months ago we decided to start this adoption journey —  and the way most adoptions are going now days, we’re right on track. Many international adoptions today are taking 3 years-plus to complete. We’re praying our journey won’t be quite that long, but are prayerfully waiting to more forward thanks to so many friends and family members have helped us emotionally and financially. We could not have made it this far without each of you … thank you.


Where are we now? 

  • US Acceptance: We have been approved by the US Government, state of Texas, and our adoption agency
  • Nicaraguan Acceptance: Best of all, about 3 months ago, we received notification from our attorney in Nicaragua stating that our home-study and the paperwork had gone before the council and Mi Familia and that we passed and were accepted by the Nicaraguan Government for an adoption!
  • Fund Raising: We are rejoicing that the “major fundraising” is over — Praise God! That is huge!!! (We’ve been blessed with the initial $25,000 we needed in place on top of what we’ve paid in personally, and are within and estimated $4,005 to be completely funded.) We now are in need of keeping our official paperwork up to date, getting ready to travel, and complete our post adoption fees — more on all that below.
  • Timeline: We are “paper ready” to adopt … and are now praying for God to reveal the child He has been preparing our family to receive. The timing of that is in His hands.


If you feel prompted to help us through a tax-deductible gift for the final adoption expenses and journey ahead, you can donate here on this page through ABBA Fund. More details on what’s still ahead can be found below …

What’s Still Ahead? 

  • Why haven’t you adopted yet? So, often times, the question that follows the above information is, “if all that is taken care of, why haven’t you adopted your son yet?”  It’s not that easy.  Adoption is not a pick-and-purchase game, and that is a great thing!  One of the reasons we picked Nicaragua is because international adoption is a last resort for that country.  They will first try family reunification, then in-country adoption, and finally international adoption, that way the child we adopt was truly in need of a new family.  On top of that, we were specific about the child we wanted to adopt.  If a child is ready, but doesn’t meet our criteria then we won’t get notification – we won’t get a call until there is a child that best fits our criteria and fits within the demands of our family.
  • Paper Expiration: All paperwork in international adoption has an expiration date – 18 months.  We are now crossing that threshold, and unfortunately are having to redo much of the paperwork we did at the beginning.  This is the stress of the waiting game.  So, we have scheduled our next appointment to renew our home study for late April.  If we don’t hear word by June, then we will have to reapply for our I-600, background checks, and FBI  Fingerprints. Which means more money – not near as much as we had to raise at the beginning, but more nonetheless.  So, we are going to start the renewal process so we are not rushing at the end.
  • Financial Needs: Now that we are passing the expiration threshold, we need to raise another $4,005.  The quicker we can raise this the better.  The good news is, this will last us another 18 months.  But to be clear, the $4,005 covers more than renewal paperwork, it covers post-adoption expenses as well, such as flights back to the states and medical expenses (which will be plenty) for the new child. We have been given estimates, based on what we have raised and the remaining process, and the best number we can come up with is $4,005.


Thank you for your prayers and financial commitment to our family’s adoption journey.  We’ll keep you posted on new developments …

Amor Nicaragua!

Matthew, Sarah, Serena, Ashton, Eden, Elie, and ????? Hansen


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