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Lazo Family Adoption

Did you know there are more people trapped in slavery now than ever before in human history? We learned that many Ukrainian students age out of their orphanages at age 16 and get lured into human trafficking or prostitution. We wanted to do something to make a difference, so our family decided to host two 15-year-old sisters from Ukraine – Anastasiia and Tetyana through “New Horizons for Children,” an orphan hosting ministry. It was our plan to develop an overseas mentorship with these young women as we entered into our empty nesting season of life.

However, the Lord had a bigger plan and began to nudge us. Sections of Scripture like James 1:27, Psalm 82:3 and Isaiah 1:17 took on new life, and songs like “Move” (Jesus Culture) and “Rescue” (Lauren Daigle) tugged on our hearts.

During hosting, we fell in love with Tetyana and Anastasiia. After the girls returned to Ukraine, we struggled with the decision to adopt. The financial and the legal administrative pieces were daunting, and we knew we would be opposed by the “enemy” if we would go through with this endeavor to bring honor to God. Also, we were content and comfortable without bringing two teenage girls into our now quiet life. We had been looking forward to the season of empty-nesting and the freedoms that came with it.

Eventually (after MUCH study, discussions and prayer), we decided to pursue adoption. After we shared our plan with family and friends and were showered with love and support, we grew in enthusiasm and joy about our new daughters. Lord willing, Tetyana and Anastasiia will be joining our family in 2021.

We want to present you with an opportunity to be a part of changing the world for these incredible teenagers. We would welcome any donations to get these girls away from the strong possibility of being trafficked and to bring them to their forever home.

In this season, you may be looking for a reminder of God’s trustworthiness. You may not be facing a threat of being pulled into slavery, but chances are you may be challenged in navigating life when circumstances are changing beyond your control. So, with every donation, give us your mailing address and we will mail you a copy of our book Trust Story: Inspiration for Handing Heartbreak and Facing Your Future.

“Imparting nuggets of practical wisdom and Biblical insights with the backdrop of stories of God’s miracles, this book will awaken your heart to trust the Lord more fully – even when life doesn’t go according to your best laid plans.”

We appreciate your prayer and financial support!

To DONATE BY MAIL, please make out the check to ABBA Fund (do not write the family name on the physical check, which will invalidate the charitable aspect of your gift … instead either print out this page to send with it or include a separate note to request that we preference your gift toward the family profiled on this page) — then mail your check and preference request to:

ABBA Fund, PO BOX 868049, Plano, TX 75086-8049

Using the online form on this page automatically submits a request to preference your gift to the family profiled on this page as part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. ABBA Fund administers this fund and maintains full control and administration of all donated funds. We also strive to honor our donor’s preference requests in accordance with IRS and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) guidelines.

The IRS allows donors to state a preference of how their contribution is used and request that the gift support a particular family — and it allows the charitable organization (ABBA Fund) to fully consider that request as long as the donor understands and acknowledges for charitably given tax-deductible gifts that the ultimate authority regarding the disposition of your gift is at the discretion of the charitable organization. By using this online form, or other method described above, you are acknowledging an understanding of those IRS guidelines.

8 Responses to “Lazo Family Adoption”

  1. Bruce Jones says:

    God bless both of you, for all the selfless good that you do in this world. One of my greatest accomplishments on this earth, is being your brother. I pray that the adoption process goes smoothly, and that you all are together as a family soon.

  2. June Lazo says:

    Praying with you as you depart on this amazing journey!
    With much love, Mom❤

  3. June Lazo says:

    Praying for God’s richest blessing as you depart on this exciting journey of love!
    Love as always, Mom❤

  4. Debbie Hoover says:

    We are so excited for your family and look forward to meeting your girls. May God bless every step.
    Much love,
    The Hoovers ❤️🙏

  5. Michael & Debbie McAllister says:

    Phil and Karen and family, We are so happy that the girls will be a part of your family! Many prayers and best wishes for the process to go smoothly and quickly to bring your girls home! In Jesus’ Love <3

  6. Michael Kim says:

    Phil & Karen, you have been so helpful and kind to our family over the years and your prayers have helped us more than you know. We thank God for friends like you and your generosity to others is beyond our comprehension. We will continue to pray for the successful adoption of Tetyana and Anastasiia. We hope that we can help in a small way with our donation. God bless. Mike and Joan

  7. The Barretts says:

    We are so excited about your journey with these special young ladies!!

  8. Anne Unger says:

    I’m over the moon excited for your family!
    The good Lord works in mysterious ways.
    Congratulations Lazo Family, you’re now the proud recipients of twins!
    Much Love,
    Anne Unger

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