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Mitchell Robert McIntosh Fund

The Mitchell Robert McIntosh Fund

From the time Mitchell was 2 years old, he loved motorcycles and music. When he was 4 or 5, he started dismantling things and had to know how it worked, and he was always very attentive whenever his grandpa was working on something. He wanted to be right in the middle of things – there was never a dull moment when Mitchell was in the area!

He was known for his smile and laugh and his passion for living. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to be a rock star or a hockey player – either way, though, he said he would be riding a Harley wherever he went. We’ll never forget the first time he got to ride on a real Harley with a friend – he was speechless when he came back. Probably the first and only time that happened!

Mitchell faced challenges daily with bipolar disorder and ADHD, but he was determined to get it under control, and he was making great progress.

He had an excellent memory and was very proud of his achievements in AWANA. He attended every youth activity our church offered, and he couldn’t wait for VBS every year (in fact, he went to several at different churches each summer – he couldn’t get enough!).

Some other things about Mitchell:

  • He loved being a big brother to his little sister Tatum (and at that time also to Sophie who was on the way). He wanted brothers too though – don’t forget!
  • He loved his Grandma and Grandpa and never wanted to leave their house when we were there
  • He was very funny and had a knack for cracking a joke at precisely the right time (usually at meals causing someone to choke or sputter)
  • His expression alone said so much about what was going on in that mischevious little mind
  • He loved Legos, sharks and anything to do with World War II and airplanes
  • He was a snuggler and loved to burrow into your side for a hug
  • He played soccer, baseball, hockey and football – the more active the sport the better
  • He befriended kids that others ignored, and he was a faithful defender of the weak

On July 6, 2001, while riding his bike (wearing his hockey jersey and BMX helmet!) he was hit by a car. The driver never saw him, and he was instantly home with Jesus.

Mitchell wanted a lot of brothers and sisters – the more friends to play with the better! He would be thrilled to know that other families are able to give children a home because of something given in his name.


Contributions by:

Jim & Gina McIntosh


ABBA Fund Adoption Legacy Child


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