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MyLinh, Moses, and Mercy — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #77 Copy

The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted: Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

Schell Family 2014 - Family Assist 77 (1)

It’s estimated that 17.8 million “double orphans” exist in the world — children who have lost both their father and mother. Each year only a tiny fraction of children that need families are adopted within their own countries or internationally. In much of the world, major barriers stand between these children and permanent family such as cultural biases against adoption, apathy towards orphans, policies that make adoption difficult or impossible — and the financial cost. A large percentage of these children are “hard to place” because they have special needs, are older, are part of sibling groups, or a combination of these. Placing these children in permanent, safe, loving families should be our goal whenever possible. ABBA Fund helps Christian families called to love these children with resources, relationships and financial assistance. In 2007, Alex and Riann Schell first heard God’s call to adopt. But it wasn’t until March 2008 that they courageously stepped off a plane. Click hear to dive deeper into their incredible story and discover what it was like to be greeted with the words, “You’re arms are going to be tired. MyLinh loves to be held all the time.” This lively sparkler of a girl was just one year old when they brought her home to Rosberg, Washington where she joined biological sons Monte and Malcolm. MyLinh instantly became a part of the Schell family and continues to entrance them with her love for ballet, reading, and passion for life. As adoptions are very costly (with international adoptions bearing the greatest expense), Riann said finances were the greatest hurdle for their family. But through ABBA Fund they were able to receive the remaining amount needed to bring MyLinh home, interest free. They then repaid the loan to ABBA Fund in just under two years. The Schells were on track for the American dream when God interrupted their plans through David Platt’s book Radical. By refocusing their priorities, the Schells sensed they were meant to adopt again. This time, they travelled to the Horn of Africa to a rural village in Ethiopia. Crowded with strangers in vans for six hours, they thudded across red dirt roads, sharing stories and mosquito nets with other adopters. Moses, their new son, was placed in their arms at six months old. ABBA Fund again graciously supplied a portion of the finances needed and the Schells were amazed at how quickly they paid it back. Today, Moses is four and enriches their lives with his sense of humor and gentle spirit. Whether he’s crashing toy cars or racing invisible racers on his bike, Moses is entwined in the Schell’s hearts. Finally, in 2013, the Schells felt led to adopt from China, the country they had originally planned to adopt from but were not old enough at the time. Urumqi, which means “beautiful pasture”in Mongolian, is the world’s most remote city from any sea, literally a stone’s-throw-away from the Middle East. Located in the northwest of China, Urumqi is the economic center of the region Xinjiang. With an eclectic mix of Middle-Eastern influence, skyscrapers and pollution, and regal snow-capped mountains, the city was home to little 19-month-old Mercy. At first, doctors claimed she had numerous health issues, perhaps as a result of muscular dystrophy. However, the Schells prayed for and believed in God’s goodness. Her muscle skills soon began to improve and today Mercy is a healthy, bright, vivacious girl of two years. Once, again ABBA Fund provided the remainder of the adoption money needed, and the fruit of that is a beautiful little girl singing “Let It Go”with her forever family. Whether its assistance on the front-end of the process with resources, relationships and online family adoption profiles to help jumpstart fundraising efforts for a home study – or families who need support at the end of the adoption process with an interest-free loan to close a financial gap to bring their child home – ABBA Fund stands with adoptive families to help ensure financial hurdles don’t derail their adoption. Join us in celebrating 10 years of serving 750 families to date — and with great momentum to assist 250 more by the end of our 10th Anniversary year. Please help ABBA Fund continue to serve other families like the Schells and help transform more orphans into sons & daughters in loving, caring Christian families.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.