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Gros family1After applying to be part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund in November, Rob and Michelle Gros used their online Family Adoption Fund profile with ABBA Fund as an extension of the other traditional adoption fundraisers.

They raised $1,200 from a t-shirt fundraiser, $3,755 from selling special Christmas advent kits, $950 from pendant jewelry sales, $545 from a haircut fundraiser and additional funds from a variety of home party events and gifts from friends.

By Christmas 2013, the Gros family was celebrating $10,000 of blessings toward their domestic adoption journey – allowing them to move forward with their home study and initial agency fees. This was a great start toward their $35,000 goal, and the family had plans for more fundraisers in the coming year – but then, the call came. Rob and Michelle were asked to pray about adopting a baby boy who after being born was placed in the NICU from drug exposure he experienced prior to delivery … and they had 48 HOURS to get to him. An anticipated two-year timeline suddenly became a two-day timeline.

(Their adoption story is one that includes the brave love that was shown by a birth mother who despite life’s challenges chose life for her child and made the courageous decision to place her child with a loving, nurturing family — to learn more about honoring the brave, courageous choices that birth moms make and to hear some of their inspiring testimonies, please visit our ministry friends at BraveLove.)


Gros - Tshirt fundraiser $1,200After making a prayer-guided decision to graft this child into their family, the Gros family used email and social media to ask their family and friends to pray – and to please help if God so spoke to their hearts. That’s when the pings of email notifications from their online Family Adoption Fund on ABBA Fund’s website began. Hundreds of gifts of all sizes began to flood in. The first wave of gifts was from family and friends all across the Baton Rouge and central Louisiana area. Still more support came from different cities, and from people whose names they didn’t even recognize. The generosity continued to flow in order to welcome this child into his new family.

As Rob and Michelle began their multi-state journey to Utah to meet their new son – a total of $18,965 was raised. Despite the strong start to their fundraising with $10,000 in 2013, they were still lacking what they needed to complete the adoption by about $4,500.

This is where ABBA Fund’s interest-free loans came in – which the Groses applied for when they decided to participate in ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund. The decision on obtaining their interest-free loan was quick and easy because they had already been working with ABBA Fund on using their online Family Adoption Fund with their fundraisers.

Gros - Advent Kit Fundraiser $3,755While these young church leaders were traveling to Utah and preparing to meet their son, ABBA Fund’s team was on the phone with their agency, transferring grant money from the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund and additional funds from their interest-free loan to close the adoption.

It was a blessing to be part of the Gros’ journey — and their story isn’t over. There is going to be a long road ahead to ensure that Isaiah is healthy, but God has already done the miraculous to bring this family together. As part of ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund, when funds are available we strive help adoptive families with grants for major medical expenses to help care for the child they’ve grafted into their family. If you would like to bless this young family to help with the anticipated medical costs Isaiah will face, you can preference your gift request toward their Family Adoption Fund below or at — you can also read more about their personal journey as it continues to unfold on their blog:



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