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Samuel, Keziah, Micah & Jeremiah — Meet ABBA Assisted Family #15

The Count to 1,000 Families Assisted: Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Adoption Assistance for Christian Families

We’re so honored to share with you testimony of the 15th family ABBA Fund was able to assist, a family near and dear to our ministry’s heart and accomplishments — The Kovacs.

The Kovacs’ adoption journey has created a wealth of wisdom that they have used to bless thousands of other adoptive families all over the United States and Canada. They were not only ABBA Fund recipients, but Jason was a vital part of ABBA Fund’s growth as the Director of Ministry Development. During that time, God worked through Jason’s blogging and transparent sharing to establish him as one of the go-to resources early in the Christian adoption movement. Together with his friend and fellow adoptive dad, they founded “Together for Adoption” which continues to host an annual gathering of adoptive families across the country. In 2010 the Kovacs moved to a vibrant adoption and orphan care community in Austin, TX, where Jason serves as the Pastor of Care & Counseling at The Austin Stone overseeing their Counseling Center with a special emphasis on helping adoptive families navigate the post-adoption challenges that comes from raising children from difficult places.

However, their personal journey began in 2000 as Jason Kovacs was on the pastoral staff at Bethlehem Baptist Church where he met his wife, Shawnda. During his time there, Jason witnessed many white, American couples with adopted African children. God expanded Jason’s personal vision to include fathering the orphan, along with his wife’s intense desire to become a mom.

God touched their hearts and the Kovacs prayerfully started their own adoption journey in 2005. According to Jason, nine years ago most bi-racial children were categorized with special-needs children — the necessity for them to find caring, Christian homes was tremendous. The Kovacs considered this as they sought God on whom to graft into their family. 

That’s when they discovered Samuel, two-years-old at the time, and Keziah, just eight-months-old, brother and sister—born in Florida. Their birth mother, wanting a better life for them made the incredibly courageous and difficult decision of contacting a private adoption agency and placing them both for adoption. ABBA Fund graciously partnered with the Kovacs from early on and supplied a portion of the adoption cost through an interest free loan. Bravely, as one of their first adventures as a family, the Kovacs visited Disney World in Orlando with two very young children. Jason admits that exploit was somewhat naive as they were first time parents of only a week and had one crying infant and one toddler adjusting to unfamiliar parents. Now Samuel is a proud, eleven-year-old big brother who is a voracious reader. Keziah is brilliant at everything she does—a gifted and creative soul who is perhaps a future Grammy winner.

Four months after Samuel and Keziah came home, Shawnda became pregnant. Karis was born in 2006, a spunky addition to the Kovacs Clan. Then in 2007, Jason and Shawnda felt God’s leading to adopt again. ABBA Fund stepped in early during the process to supplement costs. Micah, also African-American, was just two-weeks-old when he was placed into the Kovacs’ arms in Raleigh, NC. Unfortunately, his birth mother was homeless, knowing it impossible to
adequately raise him. She placed him in the hands of the adoption agency at 4 days old. Micah is now six-years-old and tender-hearted, with a zest for tackle football.

In 2009, Jason and Shawnda faithfully answered God’s heart for the orphan yet again. Their fourth adopted son, Jeremiah, was born in Kampala, Uganda. Kampala is the capital of Uganda,
comprised of wetlands and hills—historically covering seven. The name comes from the Brit-ish coined phrase: “The hill of the impala.” One of the poorest nations in the world, Uganda has been ravaged by the Lord’s Resistance Army, leaving many people without homes, adequate food, or sanitary living conditions.

Jason remarked that the entire adoption process took a miraculous two months—practically un-heard of for an international adoption. Jeremiah, severely malnourished, weighed a meager ten pounds when he was one-year-old. He would have certainly died had the Kovacs chosen not to adopt. Shawnda flew to Kampala to stay with Jeremiah for a month as the government finalized their paperwork. She lived at a home for babies, caring for the sickly infant, nursing him back to health. When others tried to hold him he would cry. But when Shawnda took Jeremiah into her arms, he settled down almost immediately, perhaps sensing that his mother held him.

Although ABBA Fund did not grant a loan for this adoption since the Kovacs were able to fundraise the money needed, it is still testimony of the desperate and honorable need for Christian parents to care for the orphan. Once home, Shawnda wore Jeremiah in a carrier around the house for two months as he regained his health. Now, he’s a happy six-year-old with an insatiable appetite and an ingenious eye for Legos. Four times the Kovacs joyfully obeyed the high-calling of the Father’s heart for the orphan, and were blessed immeasurably.

Join us in celebrating 10 years of providing adoption assistance for Christian families — 972 orphans from 35 countries are now sons and daughters with the help of assistance to 847 loving, nurturing Christ-centered families thanks to $5.6 million in interest-free loans and grants they received through ABBA Fund. Please support our work to help us surpass assisting 1,000 families before the end of our 10th anniversary year.

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.