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Segraves Family Adoption

“We have a referral we think you might want to see.” Expecting a 3-6 month wait, we were a little shocked to hear these words 48 hours after our paperwork made it to China!

We sat at Chili’s restaurant and received files and pictures of a little girl in China – not yet one year-old with a cleft lip and palate.

Desiring God to lead us, rather than emotions, Chad and I set out to fast and pray alone. We often individually pray for guidance and then come together and see what we both heard from God (John 17:23). We encouraged our other two kids, ages 6 and 4, to also pray and hear from God. Segraves enroute

One passage was very significant to me. On October 20, I chose to read Proverbs 20 and came across this verse, “Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel” Proverbs 20:15. I was amazed that God led me to a passage speaking directly about lips. The same day Chad sang (internally), “Holy, Holy, Holy” over and over and felt drawn to Isaiah 6. With many other passages God significantly used his Word to lead us, but those are just two examples.

If you feel led to join us in this journey, we appreciate your support through your prayers and financial assistance throughout this awesome adoption process.

Other Prayers Answered
Three other answered prayers also significantly helped us see God’s direct selection in our daughter. As a couple who co-direct a mission organization and travel as a family often, our social workers encouraged us to pray about what kind of match would fit our family. So we had prayed three specific prayers: 1. That she would be very young. 2. That she would be raised by a foster mom, and 3. That she would be from one of the most unreached areas of China.

As we examined her files, we realized she was not yet 1 year-old, she had been with the same foster parents since day two of her life, and she was from Guangxi – one of the most unreached areas of China. God had answered our three specific requests.

We have prayed that God would hand-select a child for us that will also share the “mission DNA” of our other kids – adaptable and willing to live on mission together as a family. We believe God specifically chose this little girl for us. We are naming her Phoebe Shan – “Phoebe” for the deacon listed in Romans 16:1-2. We are naming her after this biblical woman to honor the rich heritage of female leadership in the underground churches of China. Her middle name “Shan” is her Chinese first name which means “coral” or “high value.”

As founders of 10/40 Connections, we hold the primary responsibility to raise the budget for the organization. This makes raising additional funds for adoption somewhat challenging. Yet we trust that God, who is overseeing the process, can provide! We know that when we return with her, surgeries will begin for Phoebe and we expect to meet our high deductible quickly!
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7 Responses to “Segraves Family Adoption”

  1. Sandy Harris says:

    Thanks for your work on behalf of orphans. We have daughters from both Korea and Japan, who are now married with children. God bless your ministry!

  2. Ray and Hope Shannon says:

    So excited for what God is going to accomplish through your NEW family.

  3. Kathy Howard says:

    Leslie and family,
    I’m praising God this morning for how He has worked in your family but especially in little Phoebe’s life! She is blessed and I know she will be a blessing to you!

  4. Kathy Howard says:

    Leslie and family,
    I’m praising God with you today over the way He is working in your life and in your new daughter’s life! Phoebe is blessed! And she will be a blessing to you as well.
    Kathy Howard

  5. Brenda Sanders says:

    “From the lips of children an infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silent the foe and the avenger.”. Psalm 8:2

  6. Kali & Cooper Bennett says:

    We love you guys. Praying specifically that God’s presence will go before you and be with you over the next few months adjusting to the transition. Praying for sweet Pheobe. She could not ask for a better family!

  7. Amy and Trent Scofield says:

    May God bless this family and the wonderful work that they are doing.

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