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Sonscope Adoption Fund

The Goal of the Sonscope Adoption Fund

The Sonscope Adoption Fund was established with the goal that no family would be prevented from moving forward on an adoption because of expenses. So instead of requiring a home study, a priority for Sonscope is to help fund a family’s home study as a catalyst to move their adoption hopes forward. Sonscope’s hope is that the expense of adoption would not prevent any family from adopting.

Sonscope’s founders discovered that many families felt led to adopt but were daunted by the fees required “up front,” even before they chose an agency, a country, or received approval.

The founder’s want to help families make the important first decision to step onto the path of faith to proceed with an adoption journey.

The Heart of the Sonscope Adoption Fund

In previous decades adoption was often the end of a sentence that began with infertility. God, however, is changing the modern church’s attitude regarding the orphan and reminding us to defend the cause of the fatherless because it is God’s heart’s desire, His plan A.  Consider this: Were it not for God’s design before the beginning of time to adopt us into His Kingdom we would all be lost children without a Heavenly Abba, Father.

The heart of the Sonscope Adoption Fund was founded on Ephesians 1:5, shared this way in The Message translation: “Long long ago God decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ.  (What pleasure He took in planning this!)” It is with this reality that Sonscope desires to join God’s plan, begun before the foundation of the earth, to unite families and bring orphans home to loving, nurturing family environments. 

Sonscope Adoption Fund Process

The Sonscope Adoption Fund is administered through the ABBA Fund, a non-profit Christian ministry that since 2004 has helped more than 500 families bring home almost 800 orphans to become sons and daughters in loving, nurturing Christian family environments.  The applications are reviewed by a team of experienced adoptive families and professionals from the adoption community. Regardless of whether Sonscope is able to provide a “catalyst” grant to get your adoption moving with home study support, using the Sonscope application.



You can also request consideration to participate in ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund to receive charitable contributions to help reduce the financial burden of adoption — and as the day approaches to bring your child home, if there is still an financial gap to complete your adoption, you can request that your Sonscope application be considered for an interest-free covenant loan from ABBA Fund’s primary program by just providing a brief update to your original application.

Either way, we hope you will have peace that if God’s call for you to adopt is confirmed, then He will provide the resources needed for His plan. In addition, we encourage you to apply to other adoption funds after your home study is complete — you will find a host of links, references and resources right here on ABBA Fund’s website.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if we are eligible? Families are expected to be living in Christian community, called by God to enlarge their family through adoption, committed to train and educate their children in accordance with Biblical principles, and who need financial assistance in order to complete the adoption; therefore, each applicant will be expected to provide a recommendation from a missional community leader as well as a ministry leader.

Do we have to be married? Both married couples (based on the biblical definition of being between one man and one woman) and singles, living in a Christian lifestyle, are eligible to receive support through the Sonscope Grant. Additionally, both families with children and families who are childless are eligible.

Does my annual income matter? Families of all income levels are welcome to apply for funding; however, if a need to prioritize families arises, priority will typically be given to the family with the greater financial need.

What if we have adopted before? Families may apply multiple times. However, it is our preference that any interest free loans be repaid to the Fund before further funding is granted.

What type of adoptions do we support? While the Sonscope Adoption Fund will generally be used to assist families with international or domestic adoptions facilitated by a non-profit agency, it may be possible to assist families who are adopting by way of a private adoption attorney through an interest free loan.

Do we need to use a particular agency? ABBA Fund will be able to administer funds to approved families through a grant or loan to licensed agencies or attorney’s.

How does the review of applications work? Applications are typically reviewed by a committee at the ABBA Fund within 6-8 weeks of the time the ABBA Fund receives the completed application. If there is a more immediate need, please send an email to the ABBA Fund directly at because the ABBA Fund may be able to review an application in an expedited fashion.

You may download the ABBA Fund application here.


Please contact ABBA Fund with any questions at, or:

ABBA Fund  |  PO Box 868049 |  Plano, TX 75086-8049

Toll-free:  888.775.3422  |  Fax:  877.899.5067









Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.