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Loewen’s Family Adoption

As a couple, we have talked about our desire to adopt for several years now. We knew it was something we wanted to do, and God confirmed it was in fact something we were called to do a couple years ago. During our pregnancy with our second child, Charlotte, we agreed that we wanted to adopt internationally. After having met through an HIV/AIDS prevention mission trip in the summer of ’05, our hearts were forever changed and a piece of us was left in Africa. Our hearts so break for the orphan, as we know that God has adopted us (Rom. 8:14, Gal. 3:26) so it made sense for us to grow our family through adoption and specifically from the country of Ethiopia!

We have the joy and privilege of being the parents to our biological children: Landon (4), Charlotte (2) and Aiden (nearly 1). We want to continue pouring out the love God has so lavishly poured out on us onto another child.
We are grateful and humbled that we get to live out James 1:27 in that we would have faith that is “pure and faultless…to look after orphans and widows in their distress”.

Currently, we are in process to adopt a little boy in the age range of 0-36 months. We have a long ways to go in making this adoption a reality, and would love for others to partner with us both prayerfully and financially. As this adoption costs around $40,000 we are trusting God to provide and hoping you might be a part of His great work in our lives.

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