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The Rebecca Fund

In 1987, two little girls named Rebecca went to be with Jesus. One was 10 years old who had struggled with a brain tumor. One time when she was in the hospital, she said Jesus had told her she was coming home. Her parents thought she meant her house, but she made it clear He had meant to be with Him. In September, she did go home.

In December, our little girl named Rebecca was born prematurely at 21 weeks. She too went home to be with Jesus. We had decided to use the name Rebecca in honor our friend’s daughter not knowing she would be joining her. Our friends were the first ones at the hospital after our baby died. One of the first things they shared with us was their intent to adopt or be foster parents. At that time, that was pretty far from our minds; however, through circumstances and directions from the Holy Spirit, we also in time made the decision to be foster parents and adopt.

Now two children are in homes that are sharing the love of Jesus on a daily basis. Hopefully, they too, will someday be able to call Heaven their home, just like our Rebecca’s.

This fund is in memory of all the babies and children that call Heaven their home early. Somehow many times God still uses their lives; though sometime short, to further His Kingdom and call others to defend the cause of the fatherless.









Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.