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Waarvik Family Adoption

OK family & friends, I know this is long but there is really no short way to do this …

For those new to our story, instead of being able to come home from Uganda with our two sons — we were only allowed to bring Emerson home for now, and Granger is still there (heartbreaking).

Please read the background below, use the donation form if God stirs your heart, and meet our recently adopted son Emerson as well (he is an amazing little guy and has an incredible story).



[Super Catchy 30 for 30 in 30 Fundraiser Title]
I’m booking my flights and can think of nothing else … not even a proper title for this fundraiser. Guys, I will have my son in my arms again for my 30th birthday!!! We could finally be bringing him home, but it will take a ton of prayer, a few miracles, and a lot of money. So here we are begging again … hopefully for the last time ever!! Will you please consider gifting us $30 for my 30th birthday?! Then share this fundraiser and ask 3 of your friends to do the same.

Granger has lived 3 years without his family and there is nothing he wants more than his mum this Christmas … and well, maybe an airplane. We have less than 30 days to do this! This is going to be our most successful fundraiser yet!

To send any gift amount you can use our home address PO Box 53, Fort Yukon, AK 99740, or, for a tax deduction, send your gift to ABBA Fund using the donation form right here on this page …

> $30 from 30 people in 30 days = $900 (enough to cover 2 weeks rent in Uganda)
> If those 30 people asked 3 friends to do the same = $2,700 (enough to cover my flights)
> If 300 people gave $30 in 30 days = $9,000 (enough to cover all travel for both me and Granger if things happen as we hope)


Granger’s case was sent to the USCIS in Rome for review. We were not able to obtain a visa to bring him home when we left Uganda. The original 30 days we shared about are up and many are asking … “So what now.” We got our request for evidence and have been working on getting the info required by the U.S. government though it has been slow moving.

We had to hire an immigration lawyer in Washington DC to handle the case. The case is very complicated and has been a lot of work for us. This lawyer is an amazing help! We could not do this without her experience and knowledge. It’s such a relief to finally have someone fighting for us and what is right!

We believe we will be bringing Granger home this summer. But getting our son home will come at a high price.

Financially we can not do this. Not even a little. Emotionally we are struggling. We are trusting in God to provide … and humbly admitting that we need you all to continue alongside us in this. Our health has been terrible from the stress and we are having to make more sacrifices than we ever imagined. It has been so impossibly hard but Granger’s little life is worth it.

We need prayers and encouragement. We need the funds.

Please prayerfully consider giving financially. We have been brainstorming fundraisers again. Please pray for wisdom in this decision. And please PLEASE keep flooding heaven’s gate with prayers for our goofy little man! Don’t you love that picture of him smiling!

Waarvik - Granger & EmersonAdopting Emerson and Granger has already cost us a total of about $67,000. That number was possible because of the crazy generosity God sparked as we all worked together. (Thank you!)

Joe and I worked hard and saved a ton of money over these last 4 years. We were awarded a handful of grants from various organizations. You guys were generous in your donations and stormed the gates of heaven with your prayers. YOU are a part of that huge number! You are a part of these two lives and the majority of you are part of THREE of our son’s lives. You are living out James 1:27 — and I pray that God will bless you abundantly more than you could ever imaging for helping to graft these little boys into our family!

To complete both Emerson & Granger’s adoptions we still need about $19,000. $14,000 of that amount is the additional costs of having Granger’s case sent to the USCIS. Of that total, we need to come up with $10,500 of that now to pay the new lawyers that are fighting to get Granger home! We need help now more than ever.

We have been applying for new grants and loans. Please pray we are granted some of these! We have the gofundme account open still and have now set up this Family Adoption Fund with ABBA Fund so you can now get a tax-deductible credit for your donations — and they are willing to help us with an interest-free loan to get Granger home as soon as possible.


… Emerson is home, but we had to leave Granger behind for now

Thank you for your all sweet comments on our fb posts announcing the boys! We are truly so blessed to call ‪Emerson and Granger‬ our sons. Emerson’s process moved quickly. Granger’s case did not. We were given a VISA for Emerson and allowed to bring him home … but had to leave Granger in Uganda while we began exploring our options. It was the most heartbreaking thing we have ever had to go through. Our hearts were in pieces as we struggled through this trial.

We were then faced with even more added expenses with flights back and forth … and for Granger’s care since he was now legally our son, but not allowed to leave the country. If you feel inclined please consider making a donation. Every single dollar makes a difference.

More than anything, though, we covet your prayers! Will you please pray with us that Granger’s VISA will be approved and he can still come home with us soon. We worship the God of miracles. This is still possible! Please join us in prayer for our son.


Our boys are amazing and we are so excited to have them in our family. We have been working on adding to our family through adoption since 2011 and have made considerable sacrifices to save the money needed. We moved from Tennessee to a remote Arctic village in Alaska in order to get a higher paying job that enabled us to adopt our son Jonas from Uganda in 2013. While in Uganda, we met “Emerson” at an orphanage and had an instant attachment to him. We decided to remain in the Alaskan Bush to continue saving money so we could return and adopt him.

Emerson WaarvikEmerson was born without legs, has a short tongue making him unable to speak, and has other major medical needs. He needs surgery in the US to hopefully fix his tongue and the other issues. Life for people in Uganda with needs like Emerson can be very difficult, as no assistance is available to them and they are shunned by their families and society. We have had Emerson in our home for several weeks and have watched him flourish with the love and attention he gets from our family.


While our intention was to adopt Emerson, for almost a year it seemed like adopting him would be impossible. Since adoption and Uganda were still on our hearts, we accepted Granger’s referral. Months later we found out that we had been chosen to adopt Emerson. And once we said yes to Granger, there was no way we were going to change our minds!

While Granger does not have the extreme medical conditions that Emerson has, he suffers from past abuse and severe malnourishment. We have not been able to keep Granger in our care as the court system is moving slowly. While the orphanage where Granger resides cares for their kids, funding is difficult. Granger’s hair is yellow, a sign of a dangerous protein deficiency. Just as much as Emerson, he needs a loving family that can provide for him.

Besides making financial sacrifices to save up money for our adoptions, we have also done a lot of fundraising. Some have been successful ( and some have not, but we have been able to raise all the money required to get us to this point in Uganda with all of our agency fees and most of our travel costs paid. However, we still have thousands of dollars in travel costs and in country fees remaining, and we have nearly exhausted our personal accounts.

Waarvik - AliceWe are here on the profound belief that God will provide for us on the final steps of this adoption and allow us to bring these boys home, just as He has provided for us every step of the way.

Please consider helping us bring these amazing boys home.

Joe and Alice Waarvik



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