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These children need your help. Their families are financially tapped, emotionally drained and feeling abandoned. The family’s hearts have been knitted to the hearts of their children in the Congo – even though they are thousands of miles apart, these children are their sons and daughters. These families have humbled themselves to ask for help …

Just $12.50 covers a typical day of care for adopted children stuck in the DRC …   $88 covers a week, $388 provides for a month. These families refuse to abandon these children — their sons & daughters — and are trusting in God to allow them to join their families soon.

CONGO - William and Contessa Wolverton2CONGO - William and Contessa Wolverton3To help, ABBA Fund has set up a Congo Family Adoption Assistance Fund, specifically working with about two dozen Christian families, all of whom are carrying the extra burden of paying for their children to be in a group home situation (about $150/month) or a private foster care situation ($350-$500/month) in the Congo. Many of the families are also paying for the medical care and educational expense of their children, and are faced with expiring adoption, legal and immigration paperwork that has to be kept up to date, adding additional costs. A personal medical check-up from a doctor runs about $150 – but with rampant disease and preventable deaths among this population, it’s a needed expense. Our prayer goal is to provide enough support to award grants covering all the expenses for them through the beginning of the year – that’s $27,900.



congo250We need your help today in standing with families adopting from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). These adoptive families are stuck. They have legally adopted children in the Congo and are now responsible for their care, but the DRC suspended issuing exit letters in September 2013.

About 350 adoptions remain stalled – 53 of them considered “medically fragile” and tragically, 11 children have died during the suspension from medical issues that could have been better treated in the U.S. The longer these children remain in limbo, the more health risks they face and the more expenses these adoptive families must pay.

The war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo is politically unstable with poor living conditions, over-crowding, and disease that runs freely because of a lack of sanitation. This environment encapsulates so many adopted children who wait for the exit prohibition to lift, most of them too young to understand why they cannot join their new families in America.

CONGO - Wallace Glory 1yrCONGO -Wallace fampicCan you provide a day’s support ($12.50) or perhaps two days ($25) or a week ($88)? Together, we can be a huge blessing for these families.

Any additional funds will be set aside in an emergency medical fund for any of these Congo children that experience medical issues while they wait.

We hope you will join us in prayer that it won’t be long before they are allowed to complete their adoptions and bring these children home …