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Flexible Funding Options - ABBA FundA growing initiative in our portfolio of programs is the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund that allows families to set up a Family Adoption Fund with powerful crowdfunding tools.

ABBA Fund helps set up an online profile and donation form that can receive charitable contributions — including non-cash items like vehicles, electronics, jewelry, stocks and more.

ABBA Fund has one application to complete whether you are applying for the family grant fund program or an interest-free loan.

Gifts into these funds help reduce the financial burden of adoption by ABBA Fund then granting out the gifts to cover the key adoption expenses.  The benefits of participating in this grant fund include:

> Ability to fundraise from your social networks into a charitable adoption fund

> Your own adoption story, profile page and online contribution form on ABBA Fund’s website

> Opportunity to initiate grant fund participation to help with the cost of a home study

> Expedited interest-free loan application for participating families to help with any financial gap remaining at the end of your adoption

> Option to keep your family’s fund participation active for the year after your child is home for grants related to medical services necessary to care for your adopted child

Flexible Funding Options (checklist) - ABBA FundYour participation is part of a group of adoptive families for which ABBA Fund is attempting to reduce the financial burden of adoption so that orphans can be cared for in loving, nurturing Christian family environments. The grants disbursed from ABBA Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund rarely go directly to the participating family — instead the disbursements go to third-party service providers (your adoption agency, lawyer, travel agent, etc.).


“Sixty-nine percent of all adoption credit claims during the 2012 filing season were selected for audit.”

– 2012 Annual Report to Congress, Tax Payer Advocate

… and read this article, “How the Bureaucracy Bullies Adoptive Parents” from the American Center for Law & Justice: “In 2012, the IRS requested additional information from 90 percent of returns claiming the adoption tax credit and went on to actually audit 69 percent. This is a staggering number.


ABBA Fund abides by IRS guidelines in how the grant fund is managed in order to protect the charitable nature of the gifts received — we will help you ensure that your fundraising efforts are done with the clarity needed to protect you and those generous individuals who want to assist with your adoption. Complete details on the restrictions and use of the Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund can be found in front of the grant fund application that you can download above.

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