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Interest-Free Loans

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What a blessing it is to have you consider partnering with ABBA Fund as part of your adoption journey. ABBA Fund was founded by Christian adoptive families who were clearly responding to God’s call on their lives to care for orphans through adoption but needed help to get through the cash crunch that typically happens near the end of an adoption when a family brings their child home. These loans are typically no more than 1/3 of the overall cost of the adoption, and average in the $6,000-$8,000 range.

ABBA Fund has one application to complete whether you are applying for an interest-free loan or our family grant fund program. As you review and complete the interest-free loan application, please keep these two foundational values in mind:


We use a “covenant” loan agreement purposefully – versus a more tradition legal agreement – because ABBA Fund is stewarding God’s resources, not ours. These loan resources were given for Kingdom purposes by other adoptive families and individuals with hearts for adoption. If you receive financial assistance from ABBA Fund, your agreement will be a covenant with God … and your loan repayments are in obedience to Him and His work and provision in your life. ABBA Fund is just the steward, the manager in the spirit of God’s Old Testament models of lending (Exodus 22:25; Leviticus 25:35-37; Deuteronomy 23:20). To that end, we do not recognize the bankruptcy and other legal avenues of debt avoidance and restructuring. If you sign your Covenant Loan Agreement as a brother and sister in Christ, you are committing to obediently honor your covenant with God. If you are uncomfortable with covenanting with God for this assistance, we respectfully ask you not to apply.


Our heart is to help orphans be placed into loving, nurturing Christian family environments where the child will not only experience the love of Jesus Christ but be introduced to the person of Jesus Christ – and prayerfully one day trust in Jesus so that he or she will be adopted into ABBA Father’s family through salvation (Rom 8:14-16; Gal 4:4-6; Eph 1:4-6).  Thus, the name of our ministry – ABBA Fund.  As we review your application, we are looking for evidence of that same heart. Please answer your questions in that spirit.

We will prayerfully consider all applications. Application approval takes six – eight weeks, and then you will be contacted via email by our Review Team Manager.  Please fill out the application completely and return to us by mail at to:

PO Box 868049
Plano, TX 75086

Or you may return it by email at or by fax at to 877-899-5067. Please call us with questions at 888-775-3422. Each application will be assessed prayerfully on:

  • Heart for Adoption
  • Spiritual wellness of family
  • Educational and parenting value
  • Financial stewardship

Would You Consider Adoption?

33% of Americans consider adoption. 79% of those are concerned about the costs, the biggest deterrent. Less than 2% adopt.